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Create Alerts

VarVee Email Alerts are sent to your email account giving you a link to the latest VarVee stats results for your favorite athlete, team, school and game. Enjoy these benefits:

• Stay up-to-speed on the latest results 
• Follow with ease - Every time stats or standings change, and whenever results are recorded, you will know immediately!
• Create as many alerts as you want, and set how often you receive them

Easy steps to create your VarVee Alert:

1. Within VarVee.com, go to the page you’re interested in following (e.g. Individual Athlete, Team, Game)
2. On the right side of that page, located in a blue box, click on the “Create An Alert” link 
3. Fill out the Alerts form
4. Lastly, open the confirmation email (in your email account) and click on the link

You will then receive VarVee Alert emails with a link back to your updated stats of interest.

If a registered user, and signed-in, please click on the "Manage Your Profile" link on upper right of any page.
Note: If not a registered user, please register to be able to manage all of your Alerts on your custom Alerts page!