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NEW: Sponsor your team with a banner on VarVee!


75% of the proceeds will go directly to the team or school! Create your banner in minutes, and we’ll put it on the pages of your favorite team!

YOU Create your banner in 4 easy steps...
Step 1: Sign in at BannerSnack (click for more...)



Step 1: Go to BannerSnack.com and click Sign in and enter your login and password or sign up, and on the new page click Create new banner.

Remember: banners should not be addressed to an individual player, but rather the entire team.

Step 2: Create your banner (click for more...)



Step 2: In the New Banner Setup window select the Leaderboard (728x90*) banner and click Ok. The new page will look like this (left) and from this window you can customize everything from the font to the image!

* We only accept 728x90 Leaderboard banner ads.

Step 3: Save your banner (click for more...)



Step 3: Once you have finished, click Publish (this automatically saves your banner, too). Enter your banner’s name, copy and paste:


into the Banner URL and set the target to _self & click Publish.

  • Follow the link to get the embed code.
Step 4: Email VarVee with your embed code (click for more...)



Step 4: Click Embed code (with watermark). Copy the embed code into your payment confirmation email to:


(Details Below)

... and WE display your banner on the Team Pages

Cost: $100*

Your ad will be displayed at the top of the page under the header. Your message will be rotated through all of the team pages for 4 months from the date posted on Varvee.

* Processing fee included

Make sure you specify the school & team in your confirmation email!

Securely pay for your banner with PayPal
Select Ad Location 




Click the PayPal Buy Now button (right) to pay for your banner. You will be taken to VarVee's secure PayPal payment page. Login to your PayPal account or enter your credit card information and your order will be processed immediately. You will be taken to a payment confirmation page to review your order and payment information, and upon clicking continue, you will be returned to VarVee.

Copy the PayPal confirmation code to paste it into the confirmation email!

Send VarVee your banner and PayPal confirmation
Email Example

Email us at celebrations@varvee.com. Be sure to include the following:

Subject: VarVee Team Sponsorship: [High School, State]


  • PayPal confirmation number
  • State
  • High School
  • Sport & Gender
  • Athletic Director Email
  • Coach Email
  • Booster Club Email (If applicable)
  • Student Athlete, Graduation year (If applicable)
  • Embed code
VarVee will post your banner to the site within 1 business day from the time of purchase, and you will receive an email from VarVee confirming your banner's placement.
Coming Soon!
Player Profile Banner

Want to support your Athletes?

Create a personal banner for your Athlete's profile page.

Expected completion: Spring 2011


Thank you for supporting your teams and programs!

Disclaimer: VarVee reserves the right to refuse any ad that we deem inappropriate for any reason. VarVee is not responsible for the use to which Athletic Directors and Coaches choose to put the funds received through the team sponsors program.

Having trouble? Give us a call or email and we'll help you get your Team Sponsorship up and running!